The 2010 World Cup in maps

I’ve spent too much time watching the World Cup in recent weeks to really post anything on here – what better way to get moving again with a look at some of the maps used in web coverage of the tournament in South Africa.

The BBC (Disclaimer:  I work for the BBC, although had nothing to do with this map) turn out a decent venue map with some good photos and brief information on each stadium being used for the tournament in South Africa.

BBC World Cup Map has another example of the classic venue map which offers more in the way of city information but doesn’t really make the best use of the interactivity offered by the map.

The official Fifa website have also gone down the map route for their guide to the host cities of the South Africa World Cup but have only really used the map as a basic piece of navigation, although there is plenty of information about each location when you click through.

The Telegraph newspaper has taken a slightly different approach and simply embedded the Google map for each stadium location within their site – useful for those actually attending the match or visiting the city but less useful for the interested supporter back home.

SA-venues. com have a website dedicated to finding you accommodation in South Africa and have used maps quiet extensively to help you select the best location in a specific World Cup Accommodation section of the site.

SA Venue Map

The main website is quite confusing and it took me a while to work out that selecting a city on the map changed the contents of the right hand column on the page whilst the map often stayed exactly the same, allowing me to select a different city in the same area.

However, I do like the simplified but effective addition of distance markers on the world cup stadium maps to help traveling fans find somewhere to stay within a certain distance of the ground. are claiming a “worlds first” by providing a map that combines Microsoft Silverlight Deep Zoom technology with high definition aerial imagery to  create a really pleasing guide to the world cup venues in South Africa.

According to the press release:

In a pioneering online collaboration, the fields of High Definition (HD) aerial filming and web based mapping have been combined to create the world’s first cloud hosted interactive map that integrates HD aerial footage.

For fans not traveling to South Africa – specifically those living near San Francisco, USA – here’s a handy map for people living in the San Francisco Bay Area produced by the San Francisco Chronicle displaying local places to watch the action live.  Also includes an indication of any national affiliation the venue might have to help you pick the perfect viewing spot for your needs.

And finally… There’s something about a major sporting event, especially one that only takes place every four years, that tempts people to go that extra mile.

The 2010wallsroadtrip blog documents one family’s trip around South Africa, taking in a total of 16 matches, visiting each stadium, and driving over 4,000 km’s in the process.

There’s a Google map of their route on the website with comments and blog posts added as the journey unfolds.